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Power Flushing Service Surrey

Power Flushing Services in Surrey and the South East.

More Than Heating Ltd offers excellent Power Flushing in Surrey and South London. Offering extensive experience and excellent quality Power Flushing and system cleaning.

More people are opting for Power Flushes. It is a cheaper method of improving the energy efficiency of existing heating systems, instead of the expense of shelling out for a full central heating system.

What is Powerflushing?

Over time heating systems age and become blocked with sludge and lime scale, especially in London and the surrounding areas due to the aggressive hard water area. The symptoms of a system that need a power flush are:

  • Cold spots in radiators
  • Radiator cold at the bottom
  • Blocked pipes and valves due to sludge or lime scale
  • Loud banging noises from boiler
  • Noisy pipes due to restrictions
  • Boiler cutting out due to damaged or blocked pump
  • Leaking Radiators and Valves
  • Reduced Heating Output
  • Noisy Pump and Boiler

How does it work?

The power flushing pump is simply connected into the heating system, either across standard circulator pump couplings, across the tails of one radiator, or wherever most practicable. The powerful flow, combined with instantaneous flow reverse device, will dislodge and mobilise deposits and corrosion which resist traditional system cleaning methods. A powerflush does work in cleaning the sludge from a heating system, although sometimes old pipe work and radiators can leak due to weak spots in the joints.

Benefits of a Powerflush

  • Reduced fuel bill (up to 25%)
  • Improved central heating efficiency
  • Remover magnetite sludge
  • Cleans the whole system, including under floor pipe work
  • Increases pump life
  • Quicker heat up times
  • Reduces boiler noise
  • Stops hydrogen gases building up witch then cause radiator corrosion

Power flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system.

The principal is to create a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to remove debris from the system. The Power flushing unit is connected to the heating circuit and chemicals added and heat from the existing boiler used to enhance the cleaning process.

After the cleaning process a protector is added to prevent future attack from corrosion or lime scale. The central heating system is then rebalanced to ensure even heat distribution at all radiators.

It is important when installing new boilers into old systems that all sludge is first removed from the system or this could accumulate in the new boiler and lead to premature failure.


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